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Very bad news about Nipsy…

Nipsy had an ultrasound on her chest today and they found a mass on her heart. Based on her symptoms, the two most likely causes had been heart disease or cancer — we never expected BOTH 🙁

We had the vet drain more fluid off her chest (90cc this time!) and took her home to keep her as happy and comfortable as possible for however long she has left.

Nipsy’s trip to the emergency clinic

Tonight we had to rush our cat Nipsy to the Veterinary Emergency Clinic with breathing problems. They drew off 70cc of milky white fluid from her chest, which is called a chylothorax. This almost always means cancer. We are devastated.

New home for our Blog?

Note: This was the first entry from our web site’s original Blog; I am testing out moving it here because maintaining it manually is becoming a bit of a PITA…we’ll see how this goes…

We bought a Bissell “Little Green Machine” this weekend with the gift card we’d had from Christmas for Best Buy and tested it out on the latest random yellow urka-gurka stains: wow, however did we live all these years without this thing? It almost makes cleaning up puke fun.