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Taste Addison

This past weekend we went to Taste Addison. We got to try a bunch of good food and saw Collective Soul, and because I am too stupid to remember to use sunscreen I now have a peeling nose. The critters are all doing well, Simon had his stitches removed and we let him out in the yard with us for the first time since his second surgery. The grass we planted had come up since his last time outside, and he greatly enjoyed rolling in it.

Herb garden invaders?

We planted an herb garden and the new plants are doing good but something is munching on my tomato and sunflowers’ leaves. I haven’t seen any bugs, I just find holes. I really hate to use any chemicals so I guess I will just hope that the unseen invaders aren’t too hungry.

Simon’s surgery

See what I meant about the ‘sporadic and haphazard’ updates? Anyway…Simon had his surgery last Friday and came home Saturday, he is doing very well and walking better on the leg that had surgery than the one that was previously operated on. Nipsy continues to do well. Lilly and Simon are going to the vet’s Saturday, him for a recheck and suture removal and her for another Adequan injection. We hope things quiet down for a while with critter catastrophes.

Smokey haze over TX, Critterweb poll

It has been very humid and muggy the past week with a smoky haze that is coming from forest fires in Central America and agricultural burning in Mexico, but we haven’t had any rain. The grass, tomatoes, and sunflowers we planted are doing well.

Hmmmm…looking at the Poll results on the Main page so far, it looks like MSN Messenger seems to be the most common IM program in use…if you haven’t voted yet please do!

Simon update

Simon update: his left hip is broken this time, same place as the right one was. Our vet feels it is something called femoral head and neck metaphyseal osteopathy and is pretty confident that he will be able to walk after another FHO surgery, and that we shouldn’t see any further problems. Of course we’ve been terrified that he has some sort of brittle bone disease and is going to break something every time he sneezes, but Dr. Manley says that these cases are not uncommon and usually other bones are unaffected. Poor Simon goes in for surgery again tomorrow, and we are hoping for the best.