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Despair, Inc.

Despair, Inc. – Offers clothes, stationery and prints promoting laziness, idiocy and dissatisfaction. My favorites are the demotivational posters. I’ve always had a secret wish to order a bunch of them and then whenever I am somewhere and see one of those lame motivational posters, make a quick switch. 😉

We survived the first week

Well, it’s been an entire week now since Mojo first arrived and things are settling in a bit. He was neutered yesterday and got microchipped, and is on antibiotics for a weird sore he has under one of his arms — it looks a bit like a spider bite to me. He is learning some of the very basic rules, like ‘don’t steal from the other dogs’ bowls at feeding time’ and ‘don’t try to pick the cat up by the ear’ and there have been no accidents in the house in the past 72 hours. The crate-tantrums are getting shorter (he has a barking fit when put down for a nap during the day, but is quiet at night) and we’re getting a handle on his pestering Lilly, with the help of a spray bottle. He seems to be pretty happy with us and getting used to the routine around here. Lindsy vacillates between wanting him no where near her and sort of trying to play with him, but enjoys the long walks they get to go on together and is fine with him outside.

His hucklebutts are a sight to behold. For those not familiar with ‘bully-speak’ hucklebutting (also sometimes known as go fasties or bully runs) is the habit of making a mad dash throughout the house at breakneck speed, just for the sheer fun of it. Mojo’s first hucklebutt the day we got him resulted in a head-first collision with the dining-room table but he has gotten better at steering and learned the layout of the house since then. He’s got it down to an art: zooming around the living room, into the bedroom if the door is open, back down the hall, quick lap around the dining room, and then around through the living room again. There is a very narrow space that the cats squeeze through between the loveseat and one of the end tables that is part of this path, somehow he shoots through a space half his size without actually touching anything — I’ve yet to figure out how he manages that trick. When Mojo feels a hucklebutt coming on Lindsy just freezes and stares, looking alternately amused and alarmed. I think she sort of wants to join in on the fun but is also very worried he is going to crash into her.

Three-day weekend

I am off for Labor Day on Monday but Joy has to work. That sucks. I still haven’t weed-wacked the yard or re-caulked the tub in the master bath and I have a list of other such things that need doing. I’m also hoping it will cool off enough at least one of the days to take the dogs to the park.

It’s actually raining!

It is thundering and raining outside. Yipee! Besides being a relief for it to finally rain, this means I am off the hook for weed-wacking the lawn today… of course it also means the lawn will be just that much taller when I do get around to it.

The Four Types of Dog Vomit

The Four Types of Dog Vomit – An oldie but a classic. Saw it first on one of my dog email lists years ago…