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Bumble-bully and the rest of the gang send Halloween greetings to all.

Keen Eddie on Bravo!

From the Bravo TV FAQ:

Will Bravo be airing episodes of the series Keen Eddie? Will you be producing new episodes?
Bravo has acquired the rights to all thirteen episodes of the critically acclaimed drama Keen Eddie, six of which have never been aired. No definitive date has been set for its debut, but look for it in early 2004. At this time, there are no plans to produce additional episodes or TV movies.”

Babel (babble) Fish

Searching for new and more creative ways to annoy my co-workers, I hit upon the idea of translating all of my instant messages into other languages first, using Alta Vista’s Babel Fish service. Of course this backfired fairly quickly as I began receiving messages back in other languages. In the process of pasting messages back through Babel Fish to re-translate back into English, I learned three important things:

1) With each subsequent paste and conversion, the message gets increasingly more scrambled.

2) Because of # 1, if someone was to ever use software as a sole means of communication with someone from another country, they could probably cause a diplomatic incident pretty quickly.

3) They probably don’t give me enough to do around here.

Funny link from EBay

Collection of 26 Beanie Babies from Ex-Wife
I see that the auction has ended for these items. I hope they leave this up a while. Too funny.

New photo gallery on our site

Saturday we spent pretty much the whole day at home with the critters, and I took a bunch of pictures. I put them all into a new photo gallery on our site.

Lilly and Lindsy went to the vet yesterday, Lindsy to check a few growths and Lilly to have her left eye checked. Lindsy has actually lost two pounds, which is good, and the finger-looking thing on her eyelid doesn’t need to be removed yet. The new lump on her side is a lipoma (fatty tumor). Lilly has lens-induced uveitis from a hypermature cataract that is causing lens protein leakage — and I have no idea what any of what I just wrote means. She has some steroid drops for her eyes and I am off to do some web research to get a better understanding of what the vet explained.