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someone please shoot me

What demons of stupidity possessed me into thinking I could just “suck it up” come in to work with the flu, even for a half day? My teeth are chattering so hard I can’t see the computer screen and I am pretty sure that even my hair hurts. I have two coats on and my hood up over my headset. Another hour and a half to go… then back to my couch and my Firefly DVDs.

I am doing a pretty good job of staying away from everyone except I had to look something up on a coworker’s computer earlier. The only thing I could find to remove the ‘cooties’ was perfumed Bath & Body Works ‘citrus-basil’ hand sanitizer, which I scrubbed the mouse and keyboard with. Hopefully the smell will dissipate somewhat before Mindy gets here; the stuff is pretty potent-smelling, and I think she might have preferred taking her chances with the germs.

Christmas has come and gone

It seems like this year has just flown past! Before we knew it, Christmas had arrived and then it was gone just as quickly. We had a nice holiday, except that Joy seems to have picked up a cold and was sick Christmas day. The animals loved their presents and I’ve got their 2003 Christmas album uploaded to the Critterweb. Joy liked the stuff I got her which included the latest Janet Evanovich novel, lots of little stocking stuffers of her favorite chocolate, some bright red toenail polish, and a DVD set of the first two seasons of Family Guy. She got me all sorts of holiday candy that I have mostly scarfed down already (mmmm… marzipan and chocolate brandy beans), a nice warm purple robe and some new slippers. Best of all, she also got me the Firefly DVD I have been pining after; it has the entire season including three unaired episodes. What a cool gift! We got some neat stuff from family and friends and talked to some of them on the phone throughout the day.

Instead of cooking way more food than we could eat, we had a small Christmas dinner; I made a stuffing with mushrooms and wild rice in it, gravy, and cranberries, and we bought a Veat ‘breast’ (they have taken to making those look maybe a little too real but it is tasty stuff) to have with it. I even made the vegetable stock for the gravy & stuffing from scratch, using some of our herbs we grew this year. We also had a store bought sweet potatoe pie but ended up not making that yet.

Guess it’s time to pack away the decorations for another year, and settle in for winter… though it isn’t exactly very ‘wintry’ outside right now, we are having an unusual warm spell and it is supposed to get into the 70s today.

Simon Claws says hi

The holiday pet torment continues…

Holiday pet torture

Lindsy’s holiday costume.
I put one of Mojo up for the holidays on the Bull Terrier Neurological Disorders group home page.

A little mean-spirited holiday fun

A coworker sent me this link a few minutes ago. It was sort of addictive, except I kept getting killed by an elf with an axe. I finally had to stop when my left-mouse finger cramped and would no longer move.