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Little by little, getting settled

We finally got the last of our stuff (well, except for one errant box and a plant we have to go back for when we clean the old place) moved and the house is starting to look like a home. There are still boxes everywhere so I haven’t taken any pictures inside yet, but took a bunch the other day of the dogs enjoying the new yard.

I hate moving. I hope we don’t do it again for a very, very long time.

More pics of Saturday’s snow

Here’s a couple more shots of the snow we got — which was long gone by Sunday. It actually looked a lot more impressive from off our street (which is very shady and blocked a lot of the snow) but it continued to snow and sleet all through the day and I didn’t want to get the digital camera wet.



The last post about Simon, by the way, was the first-ever post by Joy. Hopefully I can get her to post a bit more in the future… she’s worried she’ll break the weblog somehow and I am trying to convince her it would be pretty hard to do that.

Oh well, back to packing now. I am off work today for President’s Day which is allowing me to get a ton of packing done… I have the office pretty much cleared out except for the desk with the computer — I can never bring myself to take the computer down until the last possible second. Joy, unfortunately, had to work today, which sucks, but this way she doesn’t have to deal with the dreaded Prodigy CD, which I am using for packing ‘energy’ music. We have mostly the same taste in music but Prodigy is one definite exception.



We got snow today after all! The weather channel reported it was the most snow in Dallas since 1978! Simon took a walk on the wild side in his first ever snow. He doesn’t look too happy to be cold and wet…

Not a fan of tomorrow’s holiday?

You can always send someone special an Anti-Valentine’s Day card.

a white Valentine’s Day!?

The forecasters are all saying it will probably happen.

It was right around this time last year we had that big ice storm… I would rather not get iced in again but would love to see a little snow.