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Return of cat-in-a-bag


Simon’s new toy. This one was a bit small for him to sleep in so he settled for wearing it on his head.


Just because I haven’t commented lately on the site stats for this weblog doesn’t mean I have lost my endless fascination with the strange searches people run through Yahoo, Google, MSN, etc. and end up hitting this site. It’s just that there’s only so much I can say about “furry” fans and the nonstop stream of people looking for pictures of dog poop. But I can’t let this one go:

Yahoo search for “pics of dogs cleaning them self”

Note the poor grammar. Alas, the most eloquent response I can come up with is “ew” with lots of exclamation marks and a shudder.

We’re Back!

The domain name issue is finally resolved and the new site is up and running smoothly. Anyone who is still using to get to our site (or our old email address) will need to update to because I cancelled the ev1. net account today.

I took off work today because our landlord was supposed to come and do some work in the attic but he rescheduled for tomorrow at the last minute. Just as well, I guess, because I remembered at the last minute that I forgot to get my state inspection (which was due this month) done for my car. I also took care of a bunch of other things I have been letting slide. I don’t know where my brain is these days, I am usually pretty darned organized.

I can’t take off work tomorrow too, so Lilly is going to have to cope with being crated for the day and the landlord will just have to deal with Lindsy barking at him out the window. Hopefully the commotion will not set off some more spinning with Mojo. The alternative is to haul them all off to board, which could still stress Mojo, will still involve Lilly being caged, and will leave our house unprotected in case of burglars once the landlord has left. That last reason is not paranoia; the one time back in Tucson that Joy brought her in to the clinic for the day we had our house burglarized, even with Lilly and the Chihuahuas there.

Also, I don’t want to face having to deal with a vet wanting to give Lilly a bunch of vaccines she does not need so that she can board. She’ll be 14 years old in 10 days, if she makes it, and her health has been teetering on the edge for some time now. Damned if I am going to bombard her immune system for no good reason. I just hope she settles down in the crate fairly quickly and doesn’t give herself a heart attack or something.

Did I mention I am not looking forward to what I might find when I get home from work tomorrow?

Lauren & Luna


Lauren the brat visiting Luna. The large lump that can be seen behind Luna’s arm is one of her two tumors.

DNS woes

Anyone who has tried to access our site since Friday will see that is still MIA. The DNS lookup is still pointing to the old host, which has already long since removed the domain from their records. The new host just sent me a canned response that it takes 24-48 hours for the change to propagate through the DNS system. It’s already been longer than that… I suspected there is a screwup somewhere at their end. Not off to a good start with the new webhost…grrrr…