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Taste Addison 2004, Day 2

Last week I was busy with various things and never got a chance to come back and finish this… We went back to see Blondie the evening after I posted that last entry, and had a great time. Because we couldn’t get there quite in time, we missed the first song and half of the second but at least we made it. For me, it was kind of surreal, to finally see a band I’d liked since I was a kid and also to see them looking so, well, old… but they put on a great show and I was very glad I had the chance to go.

The audience ran the gamut from middle-aged looking couples to punkish looking kids, and as they were performing “Heart of Glass” it struck me that this was a song that was popular a quarter of a century ago and a good portion of the audience wasn’t even born when it was first released. While this made me feel a bit ‘long in the tooth’ it also made it all the more impressive that Debbie Harry and the band could still put on such a good show, and attract such a diverse audience that were clearly there to see the band and enjoy the performance. Contrasting this with last year’s Taste of Addison act, Collective Soul, who introduced themselves by announcing “we’re here to entertain you with music … that was popular ten years ago” (I don’t remember exactly how it was worded, except for the ten years ago part) and wrapped up with a bizarre and tired AC/DC cover, it was all around a great experience.

Of course, being the dumbass that I am, I forgot the camera.

Taste Addison 2004, Day 1

Yesterday we spent pretty much the entire day at Taste Addison. This is an annual festival where a large group of the restaurants in Addison, TX all have booths selling small sample-sized offerings from their menus; we went last year and had a really good time. The town blocks off a large park for this, and there are also booths with crafts for sale, live bands, as well as games and rides for the kids. Actually, this year they had real rides for everyone, but we didn’t think running around in the hot sun eating food all day and then paying money to have someone spin me around upside down was a good idea so we didn’t do the rides.

The SPCA of Texas had an area set up with dogs for adoption and when we went back later in the day a lot of the dogs they brought had been adopted, which was great. They also had a booth with items for sale and I found a pair of socks with Bull Terriers on them. Of course I had to have them, and it was for a good cause.

bully_stockingAt another booth that had needlepoint crafts, I found a Christmas stocking with a Bull Terrier on it that looked almost just like Mojo. I think the dog was supposed to be a brindle but since the artist used no black, just reds and browns and golds to do the body, it was almost a perfect match to his liver brindle instead. Since the odds of me ever seeing a needlepoint with a liver BT on it again are pretty unlikely another unplanned purchase was made, and Mojo has a new stocking for next Christmas.

Joy started off with a fish taco that wasn’t that great, but that was the only bad thing we had. I had smoked salmon with bread rounds and shrimp garlic butter from Magic Time Machine, we had some vegetable curry from Clay Pit, some really good dark Belgian beer (that I can neither spell nor pronounce the name of) from Flying Saucer, and I had several glasses of the good sangria I had last year from De Tapas restaurant. We also had the best tiramisu I have had in a very long time, maybe ever, from Oggi, sweet cream ice gream from Marble Slab Creamery, and Joy got a good mahi mahi taco from Chamberlain’s Fish Market that more than made up for the bad one she’d got earlier. We tasted some wine and each had a glass of a good Cabernet Sauvignon from New Zealand, and I got seafood fondue from Two Rows Brewery that was really tasty.

The B-52s were the main attraction but they weren’t on until 9:30 pm, so we didn’t see them. We did stay long enough to see Blue October before going home; they are a Texas band and we liked everything they performed, they put on a good show. For once, I remembered to wear sunscreen but Joy didn’t and burned her shoulders pretty bad. Neither of us thought to put face sunscreen on so we have matching red faces with white ‘goggles’ where our sunglasses were. It was really overcast when we went and we thought it would be OK, but later it got very sunny.

All in all it was a great day and we are going back this evening — not to eat any more food but see the last act. Because Joy had to work, we had to go yesterday instead of today and I have been really bummed about that for the past few weeks ever since I found out that Blondie was going to be playing. I really wanted to see them bad, but didn’t want to go alone and probably wouldn’t have. At the last minute, it worked out — Joy got someone to cover for her for closing tonight so we can go after all. Yippee! We will have to leave right from her work at 5:30p and may miss the first few minutes but at least I’ll be there.

I’ve always liked Blondie; the very first LP I ever bought when I was a kid, after saving up my allowance for two months for it, was “Eat to the Beat” and I’ve always been a fan even though my musical taste has changed somewhat throughout my life. OK, I’ll admit that during in my metalhead teenage years, I became a ‘closet’ fan and hid all my Blondie albums to the back of the shelf behind the Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden, but I never let go of them. I would have loved to have gone to a Blondie concert when I was 12, funny that all these years later I finally am getting the chance — better a couple of decades late than never, right? I may even take the digital camera out of it’s safe little shrine in my desk drawer and bring it with me to take some pictures.

Lilly and other miscellaneous updates

It’s been a while since I posted any entries here… we had the big uproar with Lilly and then lost two rats in as many weeks and there just didn’t seem to be a lot to say. Especially since Lilly’s trip to the vet’s resulted in her ripping out one of her teeth and chipping several others in a cage while at the clinic, and we were rather uncomfortable with the way the situation was handled. I’d rather avoid the details and just move on from here…

Results of her tests did not point to anything other than a stubborn urinary tract infection. Good news is that it was a bacteria that is susceptible to penicillins, so she is on Amoxicillin for 8 weeks. No kidney disease, nothing very out of the ordinary on the bloodwork or X-rays, no obvious sign of Cushing’s, definitely no kidney or bladder stones. She still acts very odd but who knows how much discomfort the infection is causing her? And we still get the sense that we are missing something, somewhere, with this but we are at the limit of what we can do (financially speaking) and maybe we just worry to much. We’ll see what happens with the antibiotics.

Lindsy is fully recovered and no sign so far of that eye growth coming back. We did find a lump on her belly that wasn’t there before. Vet said it was nothing to worry about but we’ll probably get a second opinion on that, it’s near one of her mammaries and she was not spayed before her first heat. Mojo is doing fantastic with his compulsive stuff but terrible with his allergies. We had to put him on Prednisone which seems to have weirded him out a bit. Thankfully we start tapering the dose back tomorrow and I hope he’ll be better after that.

Oh — our lawnmower died and we replaced it with a non-polluting, old fashioned reel mower. Works great, no more worries about gas or oil or trying to start a mower, good exercise for us and much better for the enviroment. We’ve very happy with it.

Another good reason not to live in Tucson

Davis-Monthan remains silent on February tear-gas drift

Kathy Rizk thought terrorists had struck in Tucson when passers-by burst through the door of a Southeast Side coffee shop gasping that something toxic was in the air…

Farewell, Luna

As we had decided last week after the awful nightmare with Willow’s death, we had Luna put to sleep on Saturday. All of last week we gave her whatever she wanted to eat but it was pretty clear she’d lost her spirit and was ready to go. She was one of the most amazing rats we ever had the pleasure of knowing and we will sure miss her.