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Is that tree really a tree?

Actually, I think it’s a neat (if somewhat bizarre) idea. I wonder if the city could be persuaded to turn the giant orange tower outside my window into a nice shady pine tree?

Cuddle up with some black death or flesh eating bacteria?

GIANTMicrobes stuffed toys

I found this link on Emmy’s blog. What a neat idea! I’m not sure which one is my favorite but I’m kinda leaning towards the dust mite or helicobacter pylori. They should do a scabies mite, or ear mite, those would be pretty cool too.

Ivan: the storm that just won’t die

Remnants of Ivan Swing Back Into Gulf

This is pretty weird… and it looks like its heading our way this time around.

Another bizarre EBay page

EBay item: Jean Pierre Le’pine pen from Ex-Wife

Yeah, these things generally tend to be hoaxes but you just can’t resist going and reading the page anyway…

A good article on ‘breed bans’

Despite recent attacks, you can’t judge a dog by its breed

Someone posted a link to this article on the Bull-Terriers Yahoo group and I was pleased (and surprised) to read a very fair, sensible, and well thought-out article for a change. Typically I cringe when I see a headline that involves breed specific legislation because I know I am about to get really angry and frustrated and it was refreshing to see a journalist actually using their brain and thinking logically instead of jumping on the hype bandwagon.