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Sobering and depressing

Brussels, Belgium – Results from the widest ranging European survey of human toxic contamination show that 76 persistent, bio-accumulative, and toxic industrial chemicals were present in the blood of those tested.

Dog saves owner’s life by calling 911


“RICHLAND, Washington (AP) — Leana Beasley has faith that a dog is man’s best friend.

Faith, a 4-year-old Rottweiler, phoned 911 when Beasley fell out of her wheelchair and barked urgently into the receiver until a dispatcher sent help. Then the service dog unlocked the front door for the police officer.” [more]

Pumpkin carving without the mess

Someone just sent me this carve your own pumpkin online link. When you hit done, it lights up.

Bull Terrier ‘trancing’

I was just looking through the blog’s web stats, and wanted to post a comment for the person who stumbled onto the weblog twice while trying to run a search on “bull terrier strange behavior frozen.” In case you happen to come back and read this, the behavior you are probably seeing is what is known as “trancing” in the Bull Terrier world. It basically involves a dog moving in extreme slow motion under a branch, blanket, plant, or some other overhanging item that is tickling his/her back. Whether this is normal behavior or not depends on who you ask… but it is certainly VERY common in the breed, as a poll I have running on the Bull Terrier Neurological Disorder Resources site seems to indicate. At the very least, it does not seem to be directly linked to spinning, SOA, or any other disorder, however some veterinary professionals consider it abnormal behavior nonetheless and possibly some sort of seizure behavior. Even those that I have spoke with that do consider it abnormal have also said that it seems to be harmless in and of itself, so unless you’re seeing other strange behavior I wouldn’t worry about it.

Our Mojo ‘trances’ several times a day under our umbrella plant in our living room, as do many other Bull Terriers and Miniature Bull Terriers I know of. According to the poll results so far, 75% of respondents dogs do it, the majority of those being dogs otherwise reported as ‘normal’. I’ve also seen video footage of a Labrador Retriever doing it, and heard of it in Jack Russell Terriers and Basset Hounds so it apparently isn’t limited to our breed.

Last night’s lunar eclipse


I didn’t get the greatest pictures in the world but I’m just happy I remembered to watch it, as I’ve never gotten to see one of these before. It had been cloudy all day and raining hard just an hour before, but luckily the sky cleared just in time for the eclipse.

More pictures on our web site…