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Someone emailed me this today…


I don’t know where it came from, but can understand the sentiment.


The view from the window about 4:10 PM today…

And the view below the window – Simon and Lilly conserving heat.

Uh…’tis the season?

I received both of these today, from different people:

Scoop Doggie Doo

Yellow Snow

Goat Trauma

Someone sent me a link to today. Make sure you mouse over the goat head.

I don’t actually have an issue with goat trauma. Don’t get me started on geese, though…

Life goes on

I realize I have not posted much at all lately here… there has been so much stress, and so much sadness. We still miss Mojo terribly. But we’re picking up and getting on with life, we bought a small rosemary bush pruned into the shape of a Christmas tree and decorated it… put up lights and some decorations… we will probably get the animals each a toy for Christmas but aren’t doing stocking this year.

Last night we took a few video clips of Simon playing tag. These are AVI files from our digital camera, I know they play in Windows Media Player but not sure if they are viewable in all programs. They can be accessed from the Critterweb home page.

We’ve been sent a bunch of funny links the past few days, I will dig through those and get some of them posted a little later today.