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Another picture of Cricket

For anyone who hasn’t figured it out already, Cricket is a new member of the family, adopted from the shelter and currently undergoing treatment for heartworms. I promise I’ll write more about her at some point; I’m still catching up all the other crap that has happened in the past month…

Remembering Jane

I was going to write about Janie, the little dog we rescued a few weeks ago, but Janie’s story doesn’t actually begin with Janie herself, I have to take a step a little further back and talk about Jane first. I wish I had thought to save her picture from the shelter web site when it was still up; a description just does not do her justice. Jane was a Pit Bull who came in to the shelter where Joy works, small, light brindle, and with that sinewy grace that only a Pit Bull can have, managing to look both dainty and muscular at the same time. Not only was she beautiful, but incredibly sweet. Joy fell in love with her, she would crawl right into her lap and snuggle her head up into her chest. For whatever reason, she just didn’t catch anyone’s attention in the adoption center, and waited for a home for weeks.

Jane came down with an upper respiratory infection, which she was being treated for, but then she also developed a demodectic mange spot on her leg… and since demodex in some cases is a lifetime recurring issue and the shelter policy is not to adopt out dogs who have it, that made Jane unadoptable. Joy and I brainstormed, trying to figure out how we could save her; fostering was out of the question because even if we cleared it up, she still couldn’t go back into adoptions. The only way we could save her would be to adopt her, and with our current landlord very anti-Pit Bull, and the hardships this would cause for us next time we tried to relocate, this just wasn’t something we could do. It is almost impossible to rent a house or apartment in most places with a Pit Bull. Lilly has passed for a Boxer mix when we’ve needed her to, but Jane would have been absolutely unmistakable. Pit Bull rescue organizations are few and the ones that exist are overwhelmed. We had no way of knowing if she would be safe around our other animals — bringing in an adult dog of any breed with an unknown history and expecting everyone to get along is always a risk — and if we took her and it didn’t work out we’d have no choice but to bring her back and she’d be facing the same fate again.

We were out of ideas — and out of time — and on January 7th Jane was put to sleep, another victim of pet overpopulation and breed prejudice. We cried over her, and later raised a glass and toasted her, and made a wish that the next time she gets to come back, she gets a chance at a much-deserved better life…and also in her honor, we named the little Bull Terrier we had rescued “Janie”… but I think I will save that story for future post.

02-04-2004: we got a copy of Jane’s picture.

I flunked. So what.

OK, so the final exam for my certification did not go well. I’m currently going around and around with MS because, aside from the fact that I wasn’t ready for the test, knew that, and was just trying to rush through and get it out of the way, I kind of believe that having a huge battle with the test itself and having to have someone come and restart the software shouldn’t be part of what you pay for. I would have liked to fail it on my own without the help of a computer program repeatedly freezing up, simulations that would not work, and some sort of obscure runtime error that caused the test engine to dump.

I suppose this is one of those things that I should look upon as a ‘growth experience’… I am kind of a compulsive person and don’t deal well with failure. And I had put so much pressure on myself and so much emphasis on this, it just became the bursting point for all the stress I’ve been under with the new job stuff, Mojo’s death, and a million other things, so that when I flunked, I crumbled. I crept weepily home with my tail between my legs… and after talking it out with Joy and thinking about it a lot, I realized that the world had not ended, the sun didn’t turn black, I didn’t get fired or ostracized by my family, and I didn’t die of misery. In short, in the big picture of things, me flunking a stupid test was pretty low down on the list of Important Events. I failed a test. Big deal. I’ll study harder, retake it when I know I am ready, and pass the bloody thing.

Well, so maybe it still stings a little, but I’m dealing…

Man peed way out of avalanche

A Slovak man trapped in his car under an avalanche freed himself by drinking 60 bottles of beer and urinating on the snow to melt it…. [more]