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Stuffed Mushroom Recipe

My apologies, in advance, to all the people over the next few years who are going to try and google for a recipe for stuffed mushrooms and come up with this link in their search results.


Why I am destined to live on top of a mountain, behind a large fence and maybe a moat, Example 1

This is our neighbor’s dog. Yes, I know, he is cute. But this is not our neighbor’s yard; in fact, I took this standing in Little_sh_tmy living room doorway, after I came to investigate the large commotion that resulted from aforementioned fluffy white dog on my porch barking in the window. He had felt he needed to chase away the cats that had the audacity to sunbathe on a windowsill in their own house. Note the lack of (a) a leash and (b) his owner.

This same little dog runs up and down the street at all hours of the day or night, barking like an idiot. One day last year he darted in front of a car to chase after Lindsy, Mojo, and I when we were on a walk. When I looked over to the house where he lived, to see if he’d maybe gotten out of his yard somehow, I was surprised to see his owner sitting on the patio, beaming like an idiot with that "isn’t he just adorable how he thinks he can take on the big dogs" look on her face. Argh.

A couple of quick pics


Trouble Brewing: that moving thing that Frodo is prodding at under the blanket is one very angry calico.


Cricket & Lindsy


Among the many things I haven’t had time to getting around to blogging about is the fact that we decided around the beginning of the year that we were going to try and move back home to NC. I started to mention it in a January post but as usual I didn’t have the time to really go into it. Also, since, at the time, it wasn’t something we were in a position to act on, with this being a public blog linked to our web site, I decided to stay quiet on it rather than risk alarming any work related contacts that might stumble in. We’ve now both been ‘outed’ on that matter (more later) therefore I might as well go ahead and let it all out.

May 2 will mark the sixth anniversary of our leaving NC — six years. And with each year that has passed, we’ve grown more and more homesick. When we moved from Tucson, AZ to Texas, we’d been already trying to move back at that point, but just hadn’t been able to find jobs in the area we wanted to go. Then I found a fantastic job opportunity; not where we wanted to be but we we figured at least it was halfway closer and we could maybe try again in five years or so. But the feeling has just gotten stronger and stronger. Five years is too long. We’re miserable here. We want to go home.

We left because we wanted to try something different. Discovering we both had a fascination for the Southwest, we decided to pick up and leave everything and move to Tucson. I had some savings, we figured we could easily find jobs as vet techs when we got there. We rented a house sight unseen and left everything we had ever known. Anyone who knows us will know that life in Tucson wasn’t entirely a picnic — that’s a topic for a whole ‘nother post, maybe a series of them. I don’t regret it, we got to see and experience things that I will always treasure, and if I ever am in a position to go for a visit, Tucson will always have a special place in my heart. I learned a completely new skill set, which allowed me to get my current job. We didn’t make many friends, but the ones we did we kept. However… we also learned some hard lessons.

Some days I wonder if we’re just wanting to run from all the bad memories — Texas hasn’t exactly been a good place for us, either, and I suppose maybe we are associating it a bit with things that could have happened anywhere, but it is not just that. Whenever I hear about North Carolina, or see pictures like the beautiful ones posted in the Blue Ridge Blog, which we visit frequently, I get this pang –almost a physical pain– to be there. It’s the same with Joy, even more so because her family is there and she hasn’t seen most of them in years. She even has a new baby niece she has never met. It must seem strange, I suppose, that though I am from Canada it is North Carolina I am ‘homesick’ for; but that is where I spent most of my adult life and for me it feels like home… and I want to go home.

Exploding toads?!

Exploding toads baffle German experts

Really bizarre… poor toads.