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Just barely.

We’re off! This will be our last entry for a while as we won’t get phone service/Internet access at our new house until June 6.

In case anyone is wondering why no blog entries…


We load the rest of the UHaul tomorrow and Tuesday we head out.

Countdown – 5 days, 18 hours, and 49 minutes…

…before we leave Texas and head home to NC. Below is our new home in Hendersonville. I removed a "For Rent" sign and a handyman’s truck from the scene; be advised that the insomnia-monster came to visit last night and I have been up since 3 AM, so forgive the sloppy Photoshop job on the driveway.



Here’s a snap from my Weatherbug right now. For my family reading this in Canada, 101F is about 38C.
Yeah, I know it got hotter than this on a regular basis when we lived in Tucson but it was a different kind of heat… with the humidity it feels like a solid wall of sticky heat out there today, especially with no wind current to speak of.

Hot, Humid, Hazy, and Hellish

Spiderweb I took the picture of this spiderweb (I am not sure whether the spider was annoyed or grateful for the light misting of water I used to bring out the details of the web a bit) early this morning and plan on hiding in the house the rest of the day. We are under a level orange air pollution watch and it’s supposed to hit at least 97 degrees today. Before dawn it was already 73 degrees and over ninety percent humidity – now, at 9:30 it is already 93 with a heat index of 98. Being outside when I took the picture felt like trying to breathe the air on some alien, hostile planet where the atmosphere is denser than ours.

The dogs are bummed that their evening walks have been suspended until the weather improves, but for me I suppose it is just as well, as I have a ton of work to do inside the house. In less than ten days, we are ‘outa here’ and will be headed back home to NC!