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Where did the year go?

OK, I am cheating and ‘back-posting’ this because I really did mean to write in November and just never had the time. I can’t believe how fast this year has flown by… I haven’t had time to update the blog or the site or even answer much email lately (sorry to everyone I owe an email to) and am hoping things will normalize a bit next year.

So what have I missed… let’s see… we got a new addition to the family in October, Winter the kitten. She came in to the clinic at death’s door, very undersized for her age and suffering badly from flea anemia, among other things. She then battled ringworm and an assortment of other maladies and for quite some time had to be ‘babied’ quite a bit as she would forget to eat and drink and get dehydrated. The past few weeks she’s finally started to look like a normal cat, except for the fact that she is 7 months old and looks 4 months.  I’m attaching a picture to this entry that we took a month or so back, we have a bunch more that I am hoping to assemble into a new photo gallery soon.

We’ve spent most of our time working, but did go see the gingerbread house contest display at the Grove Park Inn a few weeks ago. It was really neat to see it ‘live’ after watching the competition on the food network for the past few years.