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Photo: trouble brewing

An unsuspecting Wednesday being stalked by Winter…

Christmas 2005

A belated happy holidays to everyone that we didn’t actually see over the holidays this year. We’ve been a bit swamped with things the past few weeks but here, finally, is this year’s Critter Christmas gallery.

Electricity Rocks

We had an ice storm hit the week before Christmas and it took out our power for four days. We were lucky — some were without power for up to seven days. We took some pictures during and after the storm:




Most of the four days was spent sitting in the dark in a 42 degree house huddled in front of the fireplace, and going to bed at 7:30 because there was nothing else to do.  We’ll never take electricity for granted again.

The holidays went well and we have some pictures of the critters and their presents that I’ll make into another gallery soon. The new year brought an unexpected surprise and there will be some pictures of that to follow, as well.