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I don’t think my butt could have taken one more day on that bench

Two things…

1. Our Internet connection is down, and is likely to stay that way until late Saturday. Supposedly it is too fast and a cable tech needs to come climb up on the pole and lower the speed so the cable modem can keep a connection? Anyway, I’m posting this on the fly from work and that’s probably the last anyone will hear from us until we’re back up and running.

2. We finally got our couch! Tonight we’ll actually have something to sit on, which is great because our little window bench makes a terrible sofa substitute. I’m sure the cats will be happy to have the bench back so they can watch birds out the window, and we are certainly happy to have a real couch again. I’m attaching a picture I took with my cell phone, it’s a bit grainy and the color is off but this is our new couch in our new living room: