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Wednesday has fibrosarcoma

Wednesday422 Shortly after we moved, Joy noticed a small hard lump on Wednesday’s back. She wouldn’t let us examine it closely, and since Simon has a nasty habit of ambushing the other cats and jumping on their backs we thought maybe it was a healing bite. When a week later it had not gotten any better — was in fact larger — we started to get worried. Adding to our suspicion was the fact that we could now feel a second smaller lump beside the first.

We had the gnarly little grisly lumps removed and sent off for biopsy, and the results confirmed our fears: fibrosarcoma. The pathologist felt it was an vaccine associated sarcoma. Wednesday has not received a vaccination in that area since 1999 that we know of, however there was an incident in 2003 where we were very suspicious that a veterinarian that we had left her hospitalized with for a day mistakenly vaccinated her while she was there. She has a previous history of vaccine reactions where she vomits violently and repeatedly for hours afterwards (which is why she’s only gotten rabies vaccines, which are given in the right leg, since ’99) and this happened after that visit. The clinic said they did not vaccinate her, but we still suspected there had been a mixup and she’d gotten a shot. If a vaccine she wasn’t even supposed to get to begin with set this thing off, that would be a sad irony.

This cancer has a 60-80% recurrence rate and the lumps have already returned. The incision site took over a month to heal — We won’t put her through that again so our best hope is that the cancer will grow slowly enough that it won’t impact her quality of life for as long as possible.