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Guess this is becoming a monthly thing

Things continue to be pretty chaotic around here but actually there’s a different reason there haven’t been any recent blog posts… in an attempt to cut some costs, we will be moving the blog to within our web site and then moving the whole site to a new host, which all  should reduce hosting costs by about 75%. The problem is that there is no easy way, at least not that I have found, to move a Typepad blog off Typepad. I can download the entire thing and preserve it as an archive, and start a new one… or I can export the text of it then copy and paste into a new blog — there are a few apps that will import it but still involving tweaking pretty much every post afterwards. If I am missing anything really easy by all means someone point it out but in the meantime the gist is that I have been loathe to add anything that I’d just end up having to move.

It’s not that I am stupid, and usually I have fun with something like this, but there just haven’t been enough hours in a day to deal with it — especially lately when I have logged 2-3 hours of overtime some days. I’ll get to it… and in the meantime this is our periodic posting to let everyone know we are not dead or abducted by aliens.