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Offline until Aug 2

We’re moving everything over to the new house today and tomorrow and the cable guy will not be out until Wednesday, so we are offline as of about five minutes from now.

Here we go again… at least there’s no UHaul involved this time. We’re actually paying a guy with a truck to help with the big stuff. We’re getting too old to be doing this crap… 😉

Weird link O’ the week

Someone where Joy works introduced us to this one…

Cats that look like Hitler

The site name, I think, is pretty self explanatory so I’ll just leave it at that. 🙂

New gallery: Ms. Maggie May(hem)

MaggieJoy reminded me yesterday that when I shut down the old blog, I deleted the only photo gallery that wasn’t on our actual site: the pictures of Maggie’s progression from a 35 lb. emaciated, hairless mass of running sores, to her current beautiful self. I went ahead and recreated the Maggie gallery, this time with a few extra pictures and some new ones taken since the original pictures were posted.

*Warning for the squeamish: the first five or six photos are pretty gross. The saddest part is that, as bad as they look, she looked much worse the week before.

I see dead links

I fixed the picture issue, mostly… there are still a bunch I need to correct and of course always the possibility I missed a few. If anyone finds a post with a missing picture and the post isn’t assigned to a “FixPics” category (which is how I am tracking the ones I still need to edit) please let me know.

The short version of what happened is that I should have checked the actual URLs after importing the Typepad blog; had I done so I would have noticed the pictures displayed were not imported but actually linked back to the old blog… thus, when I cancelled the account, “poof” no more pictures. I had backed them up, or most of them, anyway. A few I am having to hunt for.

We moved some stuff over to the new house this weekend and emptied out our storage unit, among other things. I am actually looking forward to this move… well, not the backbreaking work part of it, but getting out of here into the new place. There will be a lot of things we need to work on (like fencing the yard) but we are genuinely really excited about this house, its the first one that feels like somewhere we would like to be for years and years. I hope I don’t end up eating those words for some reason but we really do love the house. Here’s a quick picture we snapped on Saturday while we were there:

New House 07-15-06


Yes, I know the pictures are all broken… it’s something I did and I will fix it as soon as I can. 😳