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I think Hell just froze over

— or maybe it is the upcoming full moon tonight. Right on the heels of our actually managing to get pictures of all the animals together (well, at least in two groups) we now have THIS:

Lindsy and Simon
Lindsy and Simon

For the record, Lindsy can’t stand the cats and this is the first time she hasn’t ever immediately gotten up and walked away in disgust when Simon tried to be near her… well… at least she actually waited almost five minutes before walking away in disgust.

Things that don’t happen every day…

We managed to capture all of the animals in just two photos, without having to ‘Photoshop’ anyone in after the fact. 😉

Considering that the cats normally tend to avoid being within ten feet of each other, Maggie can’t sit still, and Cricket is about as hard to photograph as a hummingbird, that’s actually quite an accomplishment.

Winter, Olive, Wednesday and Simon
All four cats, clockwise from bottom left: Winter, Olive, Wednesday and Simon.

Maggie, Cricket, and Lindsy
All three dogs, left to right: Maggie, Cricket, and Lindsy. Yes, there was food bribery involved.