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Things you don’t want to hear during a haircut

  • “oops… that would have been bad!”
  • “it will grow back pretty fast.”
  • nervous giggling

I had an appointment for a haircut this Saturday but due to some recent financial setbacks involving my car and a stone embankment decided to try and make it a few more weeks without a haircut by having Joy touch it up with the dog clippers. She usually does a pretty good job but this time there was a tiny mishap involving a sideburn amputation.

As she said, it will grow back pretty fast.

Maggie’s big day

One of the cool things about Joy’s job is that the staff all takes turns bringing their dogs to work. Up until now, Cricket and Lindsy have been going (Cricket has a blast, believe it or not) but we didn’t think Maggie was quite ready… or rather that the store was not ready for the 45 pounds of pinball-like exuberance that is Maggie. Last week was pretty quiet at the store so we decided it was time to give it a try. We’re happy to report that the store is still standing…

Maggie and Lindsy
Maggie and Lindsy at the store. Maggie is proudly wearing a fuchsia party collar with roses. The picture’s a bit small; Amy, who works with Joy, took it with a cell phone and sent it to us.

Maggie crashed after her big day.
Maggie crashed after her big day.

First snow of 2007

We actually had some snow that stuck to the ground, for a while anyway. It was all gone the next day.

London Road
London Road

Brrrr! The white stuff is, uh, interesting. Can we go in now?
Brrrr! The white stuff is, uh, interesting. Can we go in now?

Last pictures of the old year…

Chris' first bread-making attempt
above: Chris’ first bread-making attempt. This is buttermilk-honey spelt bread.

We hope everyone had a happy and safe holiday and that good things will come for the new year. We’ve uploaded one last gallery for 2006: