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New Gallery “Photography?”


We picked out a bunch of our favorite pictures and uploaded them to a new photo gallery called “Photography?” The album description explains why there’s a question mark after the word photography. 😉

Just click on the sunflower image to get to the new album.

Temporary site facelift

I was having some problems integrating the Gallery and the “DarkMaple” theme I was using so I have switched to a theme that has been optimized for the WPG2 embedded plugin, though for some reason the links at the top were misdirected and I wound up having to add an .htaccess redirect to make it work. In English, that means that you can now view the photos without leaving the main page, and then navigate back to that page without getting an ugly ‘page not found’ error. I do like the layout of this theme, with is called “Connections Reloaded” (and can be found here for those who are interested) very much, but its not a color palette I would normally have picked. Since I don’t have time to take apart DarkMaple and make it work right now, it’s what you are going to be seeing for a while 🙂

The Gallery is back

… and better than before, I think. We are now using Gallery2 which has a plugin for WordPress, so I can share photos between the two like this:

The above photo is one of our favorites of Fox, in ‘his’ sink.

By the way, there’s another new feature; if you look on the sidebar there’s a list of the last few movie’s we’ve watched from our Netflix history.

Bear with me, this is gonna take a while

I finally stopped procrastinating about moving the web sites to the web host we use at work, since I can host all of them as separate sites now for less than half of what it cost for just the one. But it was a pain in the butt to get the MySQL database stuff moved and I think I am going to switch photo gallery software again, so the gallery is broken for now, as is the old site content as I am probably going to retire some of it permanently. The blog *seems* to be functioning normally (except for those image links I never got around to fixing after the Typepad to WordPress migration) but if anyone sees anything broken please let me know.

This year has really started with a rash of bad luck, and I am working six-day weeks right now, so it might be a while before all this is sorted out.