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Link: Watchdog risked career over pet-drug warning

Speaking up about risky medicine sparked Senate inquiry, got vet demoted

This is a really interesting article — reads like a Grisham novel! 😉

Having worked in the veterinary field for many years, the idea that a drug company would behave in this manner doesn’t really surprise me. But it still makes me mad to think about it.

Maggie the money ‘pit’

Yet another ‘interesting’ week in the critterweb household; Joy decided to bathe the dogs on her day off, and when Maggie got out of the tub she shook herself like she usually does, except this time she somehow managed to whack her tail into either the cabinet or the toilet and split the end of it wide open! She then ran through the house, wagging her tail and spraying blood from floor to ceiling. Joy tried hard to get the bleeding to stop but by this point (with all the wagging and additional tail-beating) Maggie had managed to just about slide the end of her tail off. The split was by that point a huge gash and off to the vet they went.

I suppose this is my fault; after last month’s $500+ in animal-related spending, I had a big rant where I declared that no one else was going to the vet unless they were gushing blood from somewhere or had an eyeball hanging out. This definitely fit the former criteria. The vet had to put her under and stitch the tail, then sent her home with an elizabethan collar to keep her from tearing out the sutures and a bandage with a plastic casing on her tail. She has since just about destroyed her dewclaws and torn the backs of her ears to ribbons trying to remove the ecollar, has removed the collar three times and the bandage twice. The surgery cost us $232 plus probably another hundred or so once we’re done with all the rechecks and bandage changes over the next week or so. This is the sort of crap that just happens over and over, and why we’ll probably never be out of debt.

Poor Maggie has dealt pretty well with the whole thing… It wasn’t her fault it happened and not her fault she’s terrified of the plastic head collar, or that she has ongoing skin issues that have been pretty costly as well. If I sound frustrated, it’s just because it feels like no matter how hard we try, we just keep digging ourselves into a bigger and bigger hole.

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Just humor her, and pretend you can’t see her


Winter’s new InvisiCatâ„¢ cloaking device. I hope she kept the receipt.

Another household project finally completed


Here is our brand-new mailbox, which replaces the rusted black metal one with the mustard-yellow numbers hastily spray painted on it that was here when we moved in. We spray-painted a new one a cheerful bright purple color and then I spent all day Sunday painting on the flowers. Two clear coats finished it off. We also had a picture frame that didn’t go with any of our stuff that Joy spray painted in the same color. Ironically, the purple color we chose wound up being almost the exact shade of purple that our kitchen cabinets had been before the landlord remodeled. Hope she doesn’t think it has come back to haunt her when she sees it.

Speaking of hauntings, the resident ghost turned on our outside spigot again. This would be the third time now; the first two times I assumed we didn’t turn it off properly but this time we were home, the dogs were on the porch (so no way someone came in the yard and did it) and it was turned on full blast. Fortunately, when that tap is turned on you can hear it in the house so we got it turned back off before the pond in the front yard got too big.

We didn’t do much resting on our three day weekend, and (thanks to the cold weather) we didn’t do much outside, either. What strange weather; the grass needed mowing but we had to put off doing it because it was covered in snow! Saturday we went to a birthday party for Joy’s niece Sara and Sunday Joy was sick, so she spent most of the day re-reading a Harry Potter book (we’re both reading the entire series again, in preparation for the last book due out in July) while I painted the mailbox. Monday we went to Goodwill and scored big-time: we got a very nice computer desk in near-new condition, a folding utility table, a large roll of 3′ vinyl coated fencing for our garden, and a shirt for Joy, all for under $50. Oh, and got to witness a very proper-looking little old lady loudly exclaim “damnit!” in the middle of the store when I beat her to the desk, which was kind of an added bonus.

We spent the rest of the day rearranging two of our rooms and managed to make them both look much nicer (and, oddly, larger, even though we added more furniture to them) so we got a lot done. We did buy some fencing materials to get started on fencing the back yard, but it was just too cold to tackle that. Plus it has been so dry lately… I am hoping that the rain that we are supposed to be getting will help soften up the ground for when we have to pound in all those steel posts. It will be nice for the dogs to have a big back yard to run around in again — and nice for us to get our front yard back, especially since the devils dug a big hole this morning! 😮

Woke up to a surprise

…and I don’t mean the usual not-so-surprising random cat vomit, (though there was that too) but rather something that would have been a cool surprise a month or two ago – a light layer of snow blanketing everything. It’s also 20 degrees outside right now. It figures, since this is my first Saturday off in months. 🙁


Though looking on the brighter side of it, at least I don’t have to try and drive to work in it because it looks like Haywood County got even more than we did.