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Hiking album


We’ve added an album for the pictures we’ve taken on our various hikes up along the Blue Ridge Parkway in the past month or so. There aren’t a lot of pictures in it so far, just a few that we thought were interesting or fun. Maggie’s been coming along with us but the last time out the heat seemed to really bother her so we might start going out on our own until it cools off again.

Catnip calamity

The other morning I went out to water the plants and saw that something had completely flattened our catnip plant. My first thought was that one of the dogs ran through the garden when I had them out with me while mowing, but then I noticed the leaves that were torn loose and strewn about and realized what really had happened. Apparently some neighborhood cat had himself (or herself) a rip roaring good time wallowing in our catnip. At first I was annoyed, but there’s no sense blaming the cat because it’s owner irresponsibly lets it run loose and we happened to provide a temptation. I removed the broken stems and hung them to dry out, and the rest of the plant seemed to be happy creeping along the ground. I am including a current picture of the garden, the gap between the rosemary in the back row and the tomato on the right is where the catnip bush used to live.


Early this morning we were awoken by an absolute cacophony of noise — it sounded like two cougars were in our living room fighting! Both Joy and I came running into the living room half-awake and expecting some sort of chaos and destruction; three out of four cats were at the living room window ready to do battle and a black and white cat was pelting across the street away from the yard as fast he could run. When I got up later on I saw that the catnip had been mauled again. We’re considering cutting what’s left of it down, as being awakened by screaming cats at five in the morning is not our idea of fun.

Shiny new web site

I just spent the better part of several hours backing up the two MySQL databases and all the files for this site, then updating all the software.  We are now running:

Yeah, I know it doesn’t look any different, at least it shouldn’t (please report any glitches to me!) but it added some useful functionality, fixed some security holes and bugs, and it seems to have resolved the slow-loading issue.

I also replaced one of the pictures in the collage that makes up the page banner, Olive the blinded bee-cat is now Olive the party cat. It’s a bit dark and gloomy, but then again so is Olive most of the time so I guess it’s more or less appropriate.