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Scary fashions from the 70s

A JC Penney Catalog from 1977 

Our boss forwarded this to us in an email the other day. I could see that it had come from someone’s blog so I managed to find it on Google so that I could post the link to give the author credit rather than just passing along the email. Pretty good stuff. It does make me wonder, though, if some future generation is going to be having a really good laugh looking at pictures of teenage guys waddling around with their pants pulled halfway down to their knees, and girls wearing low tight pants and high tight tops with pasty flesh bubbling out between the two halves.

Of course, as someone who was wearing jeans, t-shirts and baggy flannel shirts way before ‘grunge’ and still pretty much dresses the same way (my wardrobe hasn’t changed much since I was 12)  maybe I shouldn’t be commenting on fashion trends?

I can also add to the above blog post’s list of “how to get your ass kicked…” that inheriting some of those 70s clothes as hand-me-downs and having to wear them to school in the 80s is another surefire path to asskickery.

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