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First big snow of the year

Keeping in mind that in NC, ‘big’ is anything over a half inch. Click on the pic below for a small album of the day’s fun.


We let Simon out and he stomped his way around the perimeter of the house yelling, until he had to be retrieved from under the porch. Winter was unimpressed. The big dogs had fun, and Cricket had to be thrown under a bush where the snow hadn’t reached in order to get her to go potty. She has spent most of the day in her bed in snow denial.

It always pays to look before shaking out a blanket

buried surprise

Or before scooping it up and dumping it in the washing machine… I was about to tidy up and at the last second realized something didn’t look right about the blanket.  You’ll need to click on the link to see the full-size image to spot this one.

The ‘cootie’ exile

My banishment from work due to pinkeye is on it’s third (and hopefully final) day. Monday morning I conceded defeat on the doctor issue when I awoke still feeling no better; my throat was even more sore, my sinuses definitely infected, and worst of all, the redness was now moving into my left eye as well. I called my doctor from work and they worked me in, then I then explained to my supervisor that I’d be out for a few hours for the doctor’s appointment and would be back as quickly as I could. By this point I was wearing a pair of dark sunglasses indoors for the dual purposes of protecting my sensitive eyes and avoiding scaring coworkers and customers. I explained I had conjunctivitis, but that it was due to the flu I had and “not the contagious kind.” She skeptically informed me that it was all contagious and that whenever her kids had it, even secondary to a cold, they were not permitted back to daycare for at least 24 hours after starting medication.

The doctor prescribed a heavy duty antibiotic for the sinus thing and some antibiotic drops for my eyes. He said that it was usually viral and would just have to run it’s course; the antibiotics were for anything bacterial that set in secondary to the viral stuff. Figuring that some proof of my non-contagiousness would be required, I asked the doctor for a note certifying this fact and instead he agreed with my boss and I got a note excusing me from work for two days. Things are finally healing but I had to take a third day off today because eye number two was still pretty gross. I don’t think I have taken three days off work in my entire life, and feel pretty silly doing so over something like this… but after waking up yesterday with both of my eyes swollen and completely gummed shut (it seemed to take forever to get them open with a wet washcloth) I guess I am taking pinkeye a bit more seriously.

Can I just have 2007 back?

Curse of the bloody eyball … because so far, I’m not too thrilled with 2008 – or perhaps the problem is that it’s not thrilled with me? I have been sick with various things since the beginning of the year, and if the joys of vomiting, diarrhea, a sore throat and a plugged nose that is going into it’s second week were not enough fun, I now have pinkeye. I am not sure which gods I ticked off this time, but whatever I did, I am sorry already!

Joy was going to make me go to urgent care today but since the eye has stopped producing mass quantities of a pistachio-pudding looking substance, we’re hoping its on the mend. I also have a bit of a sinus infection and am sure the two are related. I’m really relieved to have at least dodged the urgent care bullet; besides the fact that we can’t afford the copay (and no doubt the insurance company would find a way to weasel out of paying the rest) I would have felt a bit ridiculous at 39 years old sitting in an emergency waiting room with pinkeye, of all things. What’s next, head lice?

We took pictures so that we could gauge whether it actually was getting better or not and I think they would be great to print off real big and use to scare off trespassers if we pasted them into the front door window. 😉

Everyone should watch this

The Story of Stuff – this video is just over twenty minutes, which is usually a bit longer than my Internet attention span, but it’s fast-paced and presented in an entertaining manner. It’s basically a quick crash course on how our consumer economy is literally destroying the planet. Please pass the site’s link on after you watch it — this is really an important concept for our society to grasp if there is to be any hope of stopping this cycle.