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New “Simon’s Cat” video

And this time I think we can even embed it without blowing up our WordPress theme…

This might just give me nightmares

Since I spend most of my day driving, I have become addicted to podcasts, which I can play in the platypus to my heart’s content because it will play CDRWs with MP3 files. I try to pass things I have listened to on to Joy but invariably forget (or garble) the details. Joy on the other hand has a constant Internet connection at work, so she has developed a large collection of blogs she regularly reads. She can simply send a link on to me when she wants to share something. The thing is, what invariably happens is that my short attention span and overall click-happy tendencies often lead me into a maze of increasingly strange subject matter. Which is how I got to this:

Putting down roots

Planting Sunflowers
Our 2008 garden in progress

Since we’ve decided to stay put a while, we went ahead and planted some coleus in the former dirt pit beside our front porch and liberated our potted sunflower, rosemary, and lavender to a little rock-bordered bed we made out on the south side of the house. We’re contemplating taking the container vegetables and planting them in the ground as well.

We’d held off on doing any gardening because we were not planning on staying here, and had really missed it… I guess this commits us to our course of action, at least for a while; we only planted annuals for now. 😉

Happy 7th birthday, Simon!

Simon eating grass
Simon’s birthday album

Simon turned seven on the 4th… actually, since he’s a rescue we don’t know the exact date but it’s around that time and since he came into our lives with such a commotion we decided that July 4th was a good birthday for him. Winter just turned three last month, we don’t have any babies in the house any more…

Winter and Simon got to go out in the yard on leashes, with an entourage of dogs and our neighbor’s cat to accompany them. They explored the yard, ate lots of grass, and Winter loudly threw up in the living room a few hours later. A good time was had by all.

At the end of the rainbow

Click the picture for full image.
At the end of the rainbow