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A sure sign that spring is here

Other than robin crap all over our cars, that is…
That wad of hair could easily engulf Cricket, and there was plenty more where that came from. It’s not warm enough yet to shave Lindsy so we will be tripping over tumbleweeds for a few weeks yet.

I don’t know why we waste money on cat toys



Winter takes the bait…
…and Simon realizes he’s made a tactical error as he doesn’t have room to mount a defense and is bitten through the bag.

“Hey! that wasn’t fair!”
And then Simon stomps off indignantly.

“Haha, I won.”
The evil princess claims her stolen sack.

Video: bird loves Ray Charles

Joy’s mom sent us this link — too funny, he looks like he is having so much fun!


So far this week the house closing has been delayed, then back on for the 31st, then possibly delayed again. It’s not that there’s a problem with all the paperwork going through at this point, we’ve cleared underwriting and everything is a go, it’s just a matter of getting all the little paperwork kinks ironed out. It’s kind of nervewracking because if it does go through, we have two days beforehand to arrange utilities and we really need to start packing, talk to our landlord, etc. But we’re just paranoid of doing that before we have keys in hand.

So anyway, that’s the latest update. We’re just trying to deal with it calmly and be patient. That’s all we can do, really — going all spastic isn’t going to make anything go any faster, right?

Robins: 2 Humans: 0

After I took those last pictures we spent the last of Sunday afternoon with a bucket of soapy water, a scrub brush, and a hose, decrapping the three vehicles. We tried covering our mirrors with plastic bags, which had been suggested on a few web sites… yesterday morning the cars looked mostly as they had looked before we cleaned them. Argh.

So I bought a plastic owl and put it on the roof of the van. While we were making dinner last night I looked out the window and saw a robin on the roof with it, looking like he was getting ready to kick the owl’s ass. (I tried to get a picture but he flew off before I could focus)

The only thing that has seemed to be effective is when one of the neighborhood cats came and sat on one of the car hoods for a while. This gave me an idea involving magnets, a metal pet bowl, and some cat food, but not sure if having the area swarming with cats is much of an improvement. Except that the cats at least wouldn’t crap on the cars.