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Strange things afoot (or aflutter) in our driveway

So apparently, there is a remake being made of Hitchcock’s “The Birds” and tryouts are being held in our driveway, with all three vehicles as props:

Bird-smeared mirror

I had trouble getting the camera to focus on the surfaces rather than the reflections in them, but the windows, windshield, and the mirrors are all completely smeared with weird streaks and smudges. We found this on the Jeep, the Outlander, and my work van the past few days.

Bird-smeared window

Here you can see the streaks, which we think are actually wingprints, better. It must have taken hours (or several birds) to make this much of a mess, in spite of the fact that we have yet to actually see one of the culprits in action.

This bird used every weapon at his, uh, disposal

All of the mirrors also sport this decorative statement. Apparently a scatological offensive is also considered appropriate when squaring off with a rival, or in this case, your own reflection.

I googled ‘birds attacking car windows’ and apparently this is common in mating season, with robins and cardinals being likely culprits. I wish they’d knock it off, it’s disgusting. We didn’t have this problem last year, wonder why we are now? Is there something different going on this year, or is this all the work of one nutcase bird who perhaps has been into some fermented berries somewhere?

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