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Settling in

We moved the last of our stuff out of the greenhouse at our old house Saturday, cleaned up, and turned in the keys. We also got a bit more settled in here, though there’s still a lot more to do. We had a fence put up last week so the critterkids got to explore outside some (though we still have to cat-proof a bit more before they could be outside unsupervised) and they are enjoying their new yard very much. I added a few more pictures to the album for the house…


Slowly but surely, things are coming together. I think I have already said this but it bears repeating: we love our house! 🙂


Well, we all spent our first night at the new house Saturday; we still have some stuff to move out of the old one and a bit of cleaning to do but for the most part we are moved. There are still things to unpack and arrange, and all the pictures and curtains to hang back up — which will be a bit tricky since the house has concrete block walls under the paneling. It’s cold and rainy right now so we are appreciating having real heat. The water pressure (and non-rusty water) is wonderful, as is having the washer and dryer in the same room together, (and that room NOT being a bedroom!) and the house is so big and bright, we are loving it!


The animals are enjoying the new house too, though Simon is waiting impatiently for the fence to be finished so he can explore the new yard we promised him. As the picture above shows, Winter and Simon are spending more time together and actually being nice to each other, for whatever reason. All three cats like to hang out in the front bedroom, which has two windows and gets great afternoon sun. They are also enjoying the huge picture window in the living room, which has a nice ledge to sit on. The dogs love the yard but we can’t let them outside unsupervised until it’s fenced. The rain keeps delaying the fence guy from finishing but it shouldn’t be too much longer.

What is inconvenient, unexpected, and white all over?

As if moving wasn’t enough chaos to deal with last week.

Hint: there are two correct answers to this riddle. One is already long gone, and the other one continues to be a bit of an issue for us, but at least isn’t at our house any more…


Three inches of snow!


Deaf white ‘stray’ Boxer puppy – that actually (and thankfully!) turned out to belong to a neighbor next door to the new house.

Well, we are now officially homeowners

(honest this isn’t an April Fool’s joke!)

The closing, which went from being ‘on’ to ‘postponed’ back to ‘on’ right up until the very last second, did actually happen. We spent over an hour signing form after form and at the end of it all, we had a stack of paper, a set of keys… and a house.

Yes, this is the end of our gypsy era. No more treks across country in a UHaul, no more yearly (sometimes more often, though we stayed nearly two at this last house) moves — this will be the eleventh move in ten years, and the last for a good long time.

I reorganized our ‘Family Life’ photo gallery a bit in honor of the big change:

Indian festival star

I think we are still a little numb with disbelief…