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Broom closet to pantry


Last weekend we completed another planned project, turning the broom closet in the kitchen into a pantry. We used recycled closet maid shelving that I cut down to size with a hacksaw, and a few boards. I did have a small war with the framework for the metal shelving due to the walls in our house being made of concrete block, but the project was accomplished with no injuries and a reasonable minimum of swearing.

Wee harvest

The cherry tomatoes have been ripening, we’ve gotten a dozen or so already and they are very tasty. We also had our first yellow pear tomato and it was a bit of a disappointment… maybe we just picked it too soon. As of yesterday the better boys were starting to color up so we will soon be up to our eyeballs in tomatoes – yum!


Out cold.

I had a few minutes between service calls and had to drop off some equipment before heading out, so thought I’d give the animals a bit of quick fresh air. I loudly announced as I came into the house that anyone who wanted to go outside better hurry because they only had a half hour, Simon yelled through the house in response, Arthur did several laps around the living room when I let him out of his crate, and I opened the back door to let out a flood of critters. This photo was taken AFTER all that:


Yes, I did check to see if she was breathing before I took it.

With freedom comes responsibility


A few weeks back when moving the antique icebox (which was about as heavy as a bank safe) into it’s new location, we accidentally snapped off the toggle for one of our light switches. Gluing it back on with gorilla glue only held for a few days, and it was a switch that we used a lot, so it had to be fixed. And since we are now homeowners, it’s not like we can just call our landlord and have it taken care of…

We were originally going to call an electrician but felt like wimps for being afraid to mess with it because it involved, you know, 120 volts of electricity. So we bought the part, which cost a couple of bucks, and this morning figured out which switch on the circuit panel to flip to cut the power for that outlet, then replaced it. The whole thing took less than ten minutes and probably saved us a good chunk of cash. And no one was fried.


…just when I thought I was going to have to start sneaking out and buying ripe tomatoes with stems, then gluing them on our vines to appease Joy:


The garden hasn’t been an overwhelming success so far, more of a learning experience. After the slugs ate our first basil and dill, we got some more and now have basil coming out of our ears. The peppers we grew from seed are still tiny seedlings, 4 months later. The cilantro grew 6″ then flowered, the parsley is doing great, and the curry plant is recovering from some sort of mite infestation (soapy water works wonders!). Something ate every one of the blueberries before they were even ripe.

Tomatoes are everywhere in our yard, except for where they would have done best, and as a result of that plus all the overcast rainy weather they grew tall and weedy and some are only just now flowering. The cherry tomato in the picture will be our first of the year, and there are some Better Boys that I think won’t be too far behind. I hope we don’t end up with last year’s situation.

Next year the garden will be in a different spot, and we may branch out into the front of the house a bit where the very best sun is. Like I said, it’s a learning experience.