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Can you say ‘red’?

We actually finished another project this weekend; a while back we had picked up a dingy looking little wooden chair with a stained upholstered seat for $5.00 at a local junk store:


We got it to go with the little old kitchen table you can see in the picture beside it. It took us a couple of months or so to find the right color fabric for the seat… once we had that we got a new foam cushion and it was time to paint!


It’s now a very happy… very RED… chair. 🙂 We had completed the previous part of our ‘set’ way back in May – a bench we’d got off Craigslist last year that had lived outside at the last house. Some projects take us a bit longer to get to than others, but here’s another one we actually managed to finish.


Because I am sure you were all dying to see them…

No doubt everyone was as excited as I am about the arrival of the black soldier flies to our compost pile, and disappointed that no photos of the actual squirming larvae accompanied my post. So here ya go. Aren’t they beautiful? 😉


Fuzzy basil-munching invader


…which has since been relocated to a thicket far, far, away from our garden.