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There’s several hours of my life I’m not getting back

I just finished reading John Grisham’s The Brethren, and would highly NOT recommend it. Joy didn’t care for it either and we usually both like his books. It seemed as if it was written on autopilot; none of the characters were compelling at all, and it eventually just sort of meandered to a halt rather than having any sort of conclusion. At least we weren’t the only ones who thought so, if the hundreds of one and two star reviews on Amazon are any indication.  I promptly headed off to the library to grab a couple of Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files books I hadn’t read yet, just to get the bad taste out of my mouth.

Missing time, and a new experimental addition to the site

It’s 3:43 PM, where the heck did my day go? This is why I tend to stay away from working on the website. It’s like this vortex that sucks me in and all sense of time disappears.  I even forgot to eat. Anyway, I think I am done tweaking and bug stomping for now and will go find things to do in the real world. One last thing I added, as a sort of experiment, is activate a little plugin that works with this theme called Sociable, which allows people to email or link to content from this site. I can’t really imagine why anyone would want to,  and I don’t even have any idea what most of those little icons are for… let’s just call it my first step towards making peace with social networking apps: by at least acknowledging their existence.

Growing Pains

As you can see, the site is in the process of getting a major facelift. We liked the old theme but it lacked a few features I wanted (drop down menus, three column capability) and it was just time for a change. The new theme you see here, which is called Atahualpa, is actually Joy’s pick. We had it narrowed down to this one and another one called Suffusion that I actually favored just a bit more, but I had a devil of a time getting the embedded Gallery2 page to display correctly with either theme, and this was the one I was able to fix, so Joy wins.

There are a few things I don’t care for but they are mostly style issues and it’s just a matter of brushing up on my CSS skills to tweak it how I want it. The category structure will probably also change; back when the blog first started WordPress hadn’t implemented tags (or perhaps I hadn’t figured them out?) and a lot of the things I have in categories really should just be tags.  Please let me know if you find anything broken!

Belated birthday cake — well worth the wait!


Joy’s other success for the day: chocolate brandy cake with white chocolate glaze and pecans. Mmmmm…

The soup goddess strikes again

Joy made this yummy barley vegetable soup today:


There are two different kinds of mushrooms, sweet potatoes, zucchini, green beans, and tomatoes. Perfect for a fall evening.