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There’s this small, evil side of me…

…that is tempted to tell Cricket it’s “lockup time” (which makes her fly into her crate waiting for her snack) just to see the drama unfold.


Then again, he probably doesn’t need any more encouragement in his belief that Cricket is a chew toy.

Sunny Saturday

Well, it’s raining again today but yesterday was pretty nice… if a bit chilly. We had a vet appointment in the morning to get Paddy’s DHLPP booster and then bundled up a bit to sit out in the sun with the critters. Calvin is now allowed out with supervision (at least until we get the tree scrunchies installed on the cherry tree) and Winter didn’t get photographed much because she was off stalking birds. Olive didn’t make it into the photo gallery at all, because I figured we already have a bazillion pictures of her sitting watching for moles… but then again,we did take yet another picture of Simon upside down. Honest, the cat is not paraplegic, he does walk sometimes. Paddy is on a leash only because we are being very slow and careful about introducing him to being outside with the cats (blame that, again, on Arthur) but he is doing really good. Lindsy is having a harder and harder time getting around and it shows in these pictures, sadly.

Anyway, here are a few highlights and the full album can be found in the gallery. There’s even a few rare pics of the critterweb humans.
Simon appreciating the chilly day from the comfort of a lap.

The mini roses all survived the winter and are getting leaves already.

Cricket also subscribes to the ‘sunbathing is better on a lap’ ideal.

Last year’s parsley, still going strong.

Unbeknown to her, the huntress (Winter is on far right of pic) is also the hunted.

A photo op goes awry.

Lindsy, Chris, Simon, and Paddy

When I was taking this, I wondered if Joy was having a creepy sensation of being spied on?

Calvin had a great time outside.

There are  21 more pictures in the full album.

What’s up, Doc?


Paddy showing off the carrot toy he picket out at Wag! yesterday.


Calvin under a blanket. He had his surgery Thursday and came through fine, though why they had to shave so much hair off is beyond me. He looks like a baboon from behind right now. No wonder he’s taking his naps under a blanket, he must be feeling pretty drafty back there.

Happy Spring!

Yesterday was the vernal equinox/first day of spring. From this point on there will be a bit more light than dark each day until summer solstice. It was an absolutely beautiful day, too. Joy had to work and I volunteered down at the shelter half a day, then afterward we took Paddy to the park, then to Wag (the new pet boutique on Main Street) for some socialization, and then we sat out on the patio at The Black Rose eating cheese fries and having a beer (Paddy did have some of the fries but had water in lieu of beer… he’s underage, after all 😉 ) and enjoying the day. Afterward we sat out in the sun with the rest of the critters enjoying the weather. The cats are so happy to be able to go outside again, and Cricket enjoyed a bit of sunbathing. Lindsy even seemed to be doing a bit better than she has been lately.

Today it’s dark and rainy, and there’s rumor of snow on Tuesday, but winter has lost it’s grip on us, I hope.

Pepper, parsley, basil and oregano seedlings (the big bushy stuff is a batch of store bought cilantro I was keeping in water until I could get the dehydrator out)