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The Gallery is down until further notice, the database has gotten corrupted somehow and I don’t have the time or brain cells right at this moment to fix it.  I first noticed I could no longer upload pictures, and when I tried to run some G2 maintenance the database apparently got corrupted. Anyway, that’s why not only the Gallery link is missing but has been replaced by a text number. Argh…

Donkey run

Saturday morning we got up early to drive to Landrum, South Carolina to get two Shar Pei mix sisters from the shelter past the first leg of their trip to New Jersey. They went to Shar Pei Rescue of Virginia and we’re so happy to see them get a chance. Those ears!

There are more pictures of them up on their adoption pages.

Dances with bees

This past weekend was a long weekend for us; Joy had Friday off so I took the day off as well. We’ve both been having trouble sleeping lately so we spent a lot of the weekend hanging out around the house. It’s been an unintentional tradition of sorts to spend long weekends at the vet’s and so we were a bit wary…

Cricket was the first to throw her hat in the ring; she erupted with a case of ‘gurgle-gut’ on Thursday evening, an affliction that involves losing her appetite, noises coming from her innards that can be heard from a mile away, and nasty colitis-y diarrhea. No dice, Cricket, that’s why they make Pepto Bismol.

Next there was Lindsy’s collapsing back legs, brought on by her pacing incessantly for hours outside. But after resting a while she was once again able to walk, more or less. Her health situation is getting pretty bad but she still seems mostly happy.

No, our bet for “who is getting rushed to the vet?” would have been either Calvin or Paddy, both of whom got to spend a lot of time in the yard and encountered bees for the first time in their lives.  Paddy was particularly drawn to the carpenter bees, enormous bumblebees that mocked him by hovering just in front of his face. Calvin didn’t discriminate. He attacked anything that flew low enough. We joked that his Indian name would be “Dances With Bees” but by Sunday had changed that to “Stung Forty Times.” He is one stubborn little dude.

We did get through the weekend without an emergency bill. And think that Calvin only got stung once.

Isn’t it the second one you actually react to, if you are allergic?