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Paddy is ready for fall


Our resident nerd looking chill and contemplative as he models his new hoodie from Wag.

The contemplative part is an illusion, I am not sure Paddy has deep thoughts. 😉

The latest on Pete, who still needs a home


Pete had his surgery last week, and everything went fine. He’s been back for his recheck/suture removal and the vet is pleased with his progress. They showed us how to do physical therapy with the leg to help with regaining range of motion, and he’s using it quite a bit. He weighed nine pounds at his last visit so he’s probably not going to go over fifteen pounds as an adult, I wouldn’t think.  We’ve got some flyers we’re going to put up, and put the word out with a few local rescue contacts.

He’s an awesome little guy and we like him a lot but we’ll be relieved to see him go off to his new home. With the hardwood floors and a much larger puppy in the house, this isn’t the best enviroment for a small recouperating dog and the vigilance needed to keep him safe — especially since he and Paddy keep trying to play and wrestle — does wear on us.


Noun, definition: a state of helpless stoppage, inactivity, or inability to act.

So… a few weeks ago, there was a small item in the newspaper about the issue of widening the road that our house is located on. It was vague and seemed to be more concerned with the stretch on the Mills River side of us, except the article coincided with a sudden flurry of surveying on the Hendersonville side. The surveyors stopped about a block from us, I don’t know if they plan on continuing along the road or if it was coincidental for some other project.

Back when we were first considering buying this house, whether or not there were plans to widen the road was a big consideration, and we were told “it wasn’t in the 10 year plan”. Which, if the poking around I have done on DOT’s site is any indication, was true. They have it in some sort of long term plan for 2020-2030., and we never really expected to be here that long. But plans change, and this is something that has been kicking around a long time, and there’s no question that it’s needed. What has stalled it so far has been that the parties involved couldn’t agree on exactly how it should be implemented.

I haven’t been able to find any further info on this, and I doubt if we could get anyone to confirm anything at this point. We’ll know when we know.  Our house, and the one next door, are the closest to the actual road of any along this stretch and I can’t imagine that widening the road would not involve taking our property. We only have a small front yard to begin with, we’d essentially have a road right under our front porch if they were to widen the road, and I am guessing they’d just buy the property and make us move. We’re OK with that… it’s not like this was our dream home we’d planned to spend the rest of our lives at, and we would not want to live on a 4 lane highway.  But the uncertainty has thrown a wrench into all the projects we had in the works.

We’ve got a bucket of paint sitting in a corner for the big bedroom, a bathroom that still has one random blue paint patch waiting to become the new color, and an area we’d primed for a mural just sitting there blank and white. We were waiting for the heat and humidity of the summer to be over to do all the painting, now we just aren’t sure if we should bother at all.

Another issue is the roof we still need to replace; if there is indeed a chance we could lose the house to ‘progress’ then the five grand or so the roof will cost is money we’d need to relocate, and it would be an incredible waste to see the house torn down (which would be sad enough as it is) with a brand new roof.

The floor is also at a standstill. That’s a lot of work to put in when you aren’t sure if it isn’t going to be a complete waste of time.

We just feel like we’re on pause, waiting to see what will happen. And we may not know for a long time.


The blog has been updated to WordPress 3.0.1 and everything seems to work. I am aware of the intermittent server error when trying to access the site, according to hosting support, the site is exceeding it’s memory allocation when that happens and the recommended upgrading. If it still happens after this I am guessing it’s a misbehaving plugin.

We had to reschedule Pete’s surgery, but he’s doing great!


He was supposed to have surgery Tuesday morning, but Monday night he broke with nasty diarrhea and was very subdued in the morning. The vet suggested we reschedule for Thursday just to be safe. I brought him home and offered him some breakfast, since he’d been fasted for the surgery, and he wouldn’t even eat some of Cricket’s boiled turkey and rice. His guts were gurgling and bubbling ominously. Neither of us voiced the dreaded P word out loud, but the thought of parvo definitely was in Joy’s mind and mine. I gave him some pepto and hoped for the best.

I came home from work to a wild, sassy Pete. Apparently his stomach ache was all better. He still had diarrhea, though, and still had it today so Joy ran a fecal at the shelter. He was loaded with hookworms in spite of being dewormed less than a week ago. We called the vet again, and the surgery got moved to Monday. We hate to keep delaying but hookworms can cause anemia and lead to bleeding issues.  He’s got a course of Panacur to wipe out the hookworms, and hopefully there will be no further delays so he can be on the mend and ready for a home.

The picture above shows him with his favorite toy, which I guess will have to go with him to the vet hospital on the day of the surgery since he carries it around forever.  How cute is that face?