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Happy Halloween, everyone!

It’s that time of year again! The full album is here but below are a few highlights…

Cricket the flapper

Winter in her Sunday best

Simon butterfly

Calvin the purple dinosaur

Angry Olive Tiger

and last but not least….

Paddy the Cheerleader!

Simon sauntered around the entire time in his wings, I don’t think he wanted to take them off. Cricket also enjoyed her dress. Calvin wasn’t pleased with his outfit at first but eventually got into it. Paddy was cool with the dress and pink toenails, but not so much with the wig. They all enjoyed the treats, though. 🙂


Feeding frenzy. If you look close, you’ll see everyone is in the picture.


Test post from the new gadget.

Foster kittens


We’ve got a couple of houseguests again, this time with a little less drama and mayhem involved. These kittens had been at the shelter a week and were way too young to be on their own without a mom. The little tabby had gone from a plump fuzzy robust baby to a pinched, potbellied little waif and they were covered in poop and food. At that age kittens would still be nursing a bit, and their mom would be cleaning them and keeping them warm. Finding someone willing to adopt something like that looked so sickly was unlikely, and without a bit of extra care they just weren’t going to make it, so they’ve come to stay with us a few days.  They already look worlds better.

The bigger black and white longhaired one is the adventurer. He’s bold and sassy and gallops around like a little elephant.

The little brown tabby is more of a thinker, and seems to be analyzing everything he sees.

They both got to meet Cricket, who loves kittens (the only thing she’s met that are smaller than she is)

They don’t seem to be able to figure out what she is, but quickly decided she was harmless.

Both boys will be ready for homes in about a week. The brown spotted tabby looks like a little Bengal or wildcat, he’s going to be gorgeous and very unusually marked. He’s quiet and thoughtful, but also likes to play. The black and white one is going to be a beautiful fluffy ball of fun, ready to march into a new home and be the life of the party. If anyone is interested in either of them, let us know or contact the Henderson County Animal Shelter at (828) 697-4723.

More Yappy Hour fun

We took the dogs to another Yappy Hour at Wag! Caroline is going to be having these every Friday from  6 PM to 9 PM until Thanksgiving, so if you live in the Hendersonville area and have a friendly dog, it’s a lot of fun for canines and humans alike.

Grace the Pit mix wasn’t there last night, but Paddy got to see his friend Matilda again…

and Matilda proceeded to work him over.

These were all taken with cell phones and Matilda just moved too fast to focus. This one looks like something that would have been posted by the humane society as part of an undercover fighting expose.

I think this is my favorite for sheer artistic value. On first glance, just a blur of color. If you look closer you can make out a leg here, a jaw there, Paddy and Matilda had a great time.

June, one of the store ‘owners’, worn out after playing hostess all night.

After all the other dogs left, Paddy decided it was time to go home.

Cricket had a great time again and I tried to take a picture of her in her party collar, but she was really excited and I only captured a vague black and shimmery pink blur. Maybe next time.

Pete finally has a family of his own!

We had something great happen this weekend — Pete was adopted! He now lives with Sarah, Ashley, Scout, Clover, and a hamster (whose name we didn’t catch)  😉  in Cullowhee, NC. He’s settling in great and already bonding with his new big sister Clover, and stealing bones from his brother Scout. They sent us pictures today and gave us permission to put a couple up…

Pete (now Jager) in his new home. He looks so content…

Scout, Clover, and Jager – check out his new t-Shirt 🙂

It was a bit sad to say goodbye but we’re so happy to see him go to a home of his own and feel good to have been able to play a part in that happening. A heartfelt thanks to everyone else who also helped him make it to his new life!