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More Yappy Hour fun

We took the dogs to another Yappy Hour at Wag! Caroline is going to be having these every Friday fromĀ  6 PM to 9 PM until Thanksgiving, so if you live in the Hendersonville area and have a friendly dog, it’s a lot of fun for canines and humans alike.

Grace the Pit mix wasn’t there last night, but Paddy got to see his friend Matilda again…

and Matilda proceeded to work him over.

These were all taken with cell phones and Matilda just moved too fast to focus. This one looks like something that would have been posted by the humane society as part of an undercover fighting expose.

I think this is my favorite for sheer artistic value. On first glance, just a blur of color. If you look closer you can make out a leg here, a jaw there, Paddy and Matilda had a great time.

June, one of the store ‘owners’, worn out after playing hostess all night.

After all the other dogs left, Paddy decided it was time to go home.

Cricket had a great time again and I tried to take a picture of her in her party collar, but she was really excited and I only captured a vague black and shimmery pink blur. Maybe next time.

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