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Hiking Fail (but we had fun anyway)


Now that the weather has finally cooled off, we decided to go hiking today.  There’s a few places we’ve been wanting to check out, but we’d seen a sign on 280 for the North Mills River recreation area years ago and always meant to check it out so we went there. Apparently, we picked the one part of the Pisgah forest where there were no hiking trails (it’s more of a campground) or if there were, we didn’t find them. But Paddy got to sniff where we had just missed a baby deer, and got his feet wet, and we got a few pictures of the river.




Afterwards we had to go to the grocery store and left Paddy loose in the house alone for the very first time, so he had a really big day. And the house was still in one piece when we got back!

Paddy and Cricket out on the town

Paddy and Cricket got to attend a ‘Yappy Hour’ at Wag! this past Friday…

Paddy all dressed up and ready to head out.

Cricket was determined not to be left behind so she got to wear her dress and foofy collar. The flash made her blink.

We had intended to take Pete along, but since he had a pending adoption (more on this to follow) we were just going to bring Paddy. I’d already locked Cricket up for the evening but she aparently heard me get out the costume box, as evidenced by the anguished wail that emitted from her crate when I started putting Paddy’s tie-dye shirt on him. It sounded like someone was pulling her soul out with a wine corkscrew. So we got out her fancy duds and brought her, hoping that we wouldn’t be Those Awful People Who Ruined Yappy Hour Because Their Elderly Blind Chihuahua Had a Massive Coronary In the Middle of The Store.

Both dogs had a blast. Paddy got to meet a Wheaten named Sedona that played with him, and a little devil of a Pug puppy named Matilda, and another Pit Bull mix named Grace who arrived wearing a tutu and looked a lot like him. He was very smitten with her. He was careful to mind his manners around Winnifred, who ‘owns’ the store and had given him what-for in the past for being an obnoxious ass. He managed not to destroy the store, though he and Sedona did knock a few things off a display rack at one point.

Cricket stayed in a corner for the first part of the evening, and I eventually just took her leash off so she wouldn’t keep getting tangled. She later decided to mingle and strutted around the store, even approaching several of the other dog owners there and saying hi. I’ll have to be careful not to be so overprotective of her bad heart and feebleness and get her out more. She really had  a lot of fun.

A big thanks to Caroline and her mom –and of course Winnifred– at Wag! for putting together the Yappy Hour, and we’re all looking forward to the next one!