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White Christmas

It looks like the pickets are each wearing a little Santa hat.

The dogs, at least, are loving this.

Glad we didn’t listen the forecast, that said it wouldn’t really snow much after all…
and by the way, this is what we woke up to. Apparently Calvin couldn’t wait for Christmas morning and got into his stocking a bit early.

‘Twas the night before christmas…

…and all through the house,

not a creature was stirring,

not even a mouse.

OK, actually it was the morning before Christmas, and the house was alive with the cacophony of dogs playing, cats milling, and two humans trying to police the situation and make a vegetable cobbler at the same time. But I couldn’t make that rhyme.

The animals have already spoken to Santa about their wishes…

Though, if Cricket’s wish was “make Paddy and Gwen go away,” she’s going to be a bit disappointed.


Simon is ready for the big day, all decked out with his personalized collar tag Auntie Caroline at Wag! gave him.

and the stockings are hung by the fireplace, ready for tomorrow. Even though Paddy actually has been playing with his Christmas gift for weeks already… it’s not like we could have kept THAT in a stocking.

Calvin (who has been with us a whole year as of this week!) is keeping a watch for Santa.

We’d like to wish everyone a very happy holiday season, with peace and happiness for the coming new year!

-Chris, Joy, Olive, Simon, Cricket, Winter, Calvin, Paddy & Gwen

A week of sNOw fun

Last week, they were forecasting snow on the weekend followed by bitter cold by Monday. I decided to take Monday off work, since being outside when the wind chill was going to be well below zero, didn’t sound like a lot of fun.

They predicted rain Saturday night, turning to snow towards morning with accumulations of less than an inch…


That part, they got a little wrong. We got about four inches, but it was already melting when we got up.

Before it was even fully light outside, we went tromping out with the dogs. We don’t know if Paddy had ever seen snow before, he would have been just a baby when last year’s snow came.  We figured he’d be a bit prissy about it, since he hates rain. But he LOVED the snow. Within minutes, the entire yard was full of tracks as he zoomed around and around with manic glee.


And of course, the snow had to be tasted. Repeatedly. Paddy consumed an unknown but large quantity of it.


By the end of the day it turned cold, and by Sunday it was really too cold to be outside.


Some of the critters found other ways to stay amused…


But others got pretty bummed about it:

Happily, a large cardboard box appeared in the utility room just for Calvin.

Monday really was nasty. Nothing to do but stay inside and birdwatch through the patio door windows..

Bluebird on the roof

Pair of bluebirds on our feeder

Pileated woodpecker on grandpa maple.

I expected the dogs to want to stay in, but with the exception of Cricket (who is horrified by the weather) they are pretty much dealing with it.

For some, having built in fuzzy earmuffs must help.


Only half of the original snow melted before the deep freeze hit, so five days later it’s still here. Today was supposed to be the first day above freezing, but its after 2 PM and only 27 degrees, so that apparently isn’t going to happen. Tomorrow ‘freezing rain’ is in the works for morning.

It’s not even officially winter yet, but I’ve officially had enough.

Somehow, they instinctively know

Today, I found myself without any actual dispatch events to work on, so I was doing remote stuff from home.  After careening around the house up until Joy left for work, the animals had all crashed… the house was silent except for Calvin snoring on the bed in the office.

Right up until I picked up my cell to call a client.

As I dialed the first numbers, out of the corner of my eye I saw Cricket’s head pop up in the living room. She’d been asleep on the couch. She stretched, hopped down off the couch, and came trotting into the office like she was on a mission.  Paddy, seeing her moving with such apparent purpose, jumped off his chair and followed her. They both came into the office, woke the puppy up, and all three began milling about at my feet making all sorts of commotion. I had to hang up mid-dial and regroup.

I took Gwen out to potty, locked her in her crate with a snack, and leaned the office door closed so that the person on the other end wouldn’t hear a puppy whining in a crate, and dialed again.  Paddy began trying to bump the door open with his nose.  I could hear Cricket dancing in hallway in front of the door. Simon came out of the bedroom yelling at the top of his lungs, having suddenly become aware of this alarming change in the house.

Translation of Simon: “OMG, did you know this door was closed? Why is it closed? It wasn’t closed earlier. What if I wanted to go in there? I think I need to get in there RIGHT NOW.”

Could someone explain again why we didn’t just get a turtle or a goldfish?

Xander and Mortimer

We got some great pictures from Caroline at Wag! of Xander and Mortimer together at the store. He’s growing into a handsome boy, and they love each other very much. Mortimer is also from the Henderson County shelter.

The boys sharing a cat bed


Mortimer grooming Xander

We hope Xander’s brother Giles is doing as well with his new family, we miss that little rascal. He was constantly doing something to make us laugh.