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A surprise in the yard

I found this little guy sunning himself in front of the compost pile:


Luckily it was me who found him, and not one of the resident critters. He got moved to a brushy area on the other side of the fence. But it was so cool to see a garter snake in our yard, I haven’t seen any snakes since we bought the house.


There’s a few more pictures of the little guy here.

New neighbors…

I noticed this nest in our garage a week or so ago:


I’ve never seen any activity around it, but assumed it must be an old wren’s nest because that’s the only bird I could think of that would wriggle into a locked garage somehow. I tried to get a closer picture of the nest, only to realize it appeared to be occupied! I hurriedly snapped my picture, retreated, and closed the garage back up:


I could not see the beady little eyes until I looked at the picture after I downloaded it. Hopefully the wren family will forgive the brief camera flash – and all the crashing, banging, and foul language over the past three days as I cleaned out the garage!… If I’d known we had houseguests, I would have put off that part of my spring leaning, or at least been a bit quieter about it.