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New album: Playing in the river at the shoals


We had a blast! Above is a ‘self portrait’ by Joy – the rest of the pics can be found here.

A few more bead projects

I finished a few more beadwork projects…


This is a little bracelet done in translucent orchid seed beads. I actually made a couple of these.

My first work with delica beads, and the widest one I have tried so far. This is a 2″ patch for my dad, the number eight is his speedway bike race number. I used some clip art as a guide, but created the design from scratch. Flames came out pretty good 🙂

Ladybug collar # 2. This one is for sale, by the way.



A cuff bracelet done in delica beads. The design was a adapted from a free pattern I got from a Native American beading site, with the size and colors changed.

I really enjoy beading and love working with the delica beads. have yet to make anything that I have kept for myself. I am thinking maybe a cuff like the one above, but a Celtic knotwork pattern of some sort. ..

Back online, with a few site upgrades

I know several people noticed the site has been down for a few weeks; I have now re-enabled it and I also went ahead and updated WordPress — and the Atahualpa theme we use — to the latest versions. Everything seems to be working fine but please let me know if you notice anything weird.

We have been having some serious animal challenges lately – among other things, two sick cats (and we can’t seem to find a diagnosis) for a month now,  a little foster kitten (well on her way to being a cat at this point) who gets diarrhea every time we try to get her on to dry food, and a sudden crisis that caught us quite off guard and resulted in one member of our critter family now no longer being with us.  That is what prompted the site shutdown.  I was going to actually wipe the site and start fresh but instead I am just restructuring it a bit so that I don’t get smacked in the face with things that make me sad each time I visit the page. The menus are changing a bit, and the random photo block has been removed, but all the photos and posts are being left in place.  And the theme update fixed a bug that has made posting a real pain in the behind for the past few months, now that it’s fixed I’ll try to get back on here more often now.