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This one’s a ‘keeper’

I finally finished my Celtic knotwork bracelet:

This one was a bit of a challenge, because the pattern I had was for bright blue and green intertwined knotwork on a black background, but what I really wanted was the look of stone on green grass,  so when I was following the word chart I had to mentally convert the seven color codes in the chart to my four colors. Generally,  anything that looks like numbers just turns into the equivalent of Charlie Brown’s teacher talking, in my head, so it took a while to really get into the flow of the pattern.

It’s a little wider than I am used to but I really like it. It’s the first beadwork project that I made for myself, and the colors came out exactly how I’d pictured them in my mind. 🙂

I bought a little brand-new Weaver Deer Ridge dog collar cheap at a local thrift store, and I guess that will be my next beading project. It’s for a medium-small dog so it wouldn’t fit either of our girls, but it would be good practice for learning to bead on leather.

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