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The tomato plant that ate Hendersonville


Two months ago, we planted four tomato plants in our raised beds

…and now we have THIS.


Seriously, you could hide a mid-size sedan in this mess. In fact, if you look close, you will see someone has.

There is a purple Cherokee, a Costoluto Genovese, and a pineapple, but most of what you are looking at is the devil beast known as Matt’s Wild Cherry.  I calculated today that it’s covering about a hundred square feet at this point.

It has engulfed the other three tomatoes, the mugwort, and the wormwood. It’s heading for the highway…

… and it’s over my head.

I have to crawl through a jungle of vines to get the tomatoes, which it produces at a very fast rate:

But wow! These are the best tasting little tomatoes, ever. We will definitely grow this variety again – but not near anything else.

Unnatural habitat


Pretty Miss Ishi