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Not following the script

The rose in our front yard, after losing all of its leaves for some reason earlier in the summer, has rallied and graced our yard with another round of pretty yellow flowers…


…and something else.


This is the second ‘not yellow’ flower  it’s produced… beautiful and unexpected. I don’t know enough about roses to know how or why this is possible, but it’s a nice surprise.

Double take.

So I was walking through the living room, past the dining room window, when something out of the corner of my eye dimly registered as ‘not right’…


Can you spot it?


Of course she’d moved by the time I took this, so you can’t see the full unnerving effect of two large ears appearing much higher off the ground than I ever expected to see them. I had my Blackberry in my hand at the time and managed to snap two pictures of the supposedly frail little sixteen year old blind dog, who had managed to inexplicably find her way up onto a three foot tall table, before hurrying outside to remove her before she decided to jump.