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Happy Holidays, Everyone!

The stockings are hung, good things are cooking in the kitchen, and the animals are all getting ready…

Some of them are pretty excited:



Others are maybe a bit more laid back about it:



It’s a good time to put on a costume, if you’re so inclined:



Or your fancy party clothes:



And there’s possibly even been a bit of caroling going on:



Of course, there’s always that one family member who puts away a bit too much of the spiked eggnog at the holiday party:



Calvin is having somewhat of an impulse control issue about waiting till Christmas morning to open presents:


This is the second time I’ve had to drag him out of this one, and rearrange the (increasingly more shredded) paper in the bag. And it’s not even his present.


Winter has decided the presents don’t need to be unwrapped to be useful:



We hope everyone has a safe, wonderful, and abundant holiday, and good things for the year to come!



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