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Stink bug is my copilot

Nothing like a large noisy bug suddenly emerging from an unknown hiding spot and whizzing around your head when you’re doing 70mph down I-75*.

*The photo was taken later at a rest stop, not while I was driving.

It was dark when I got home so as far as I know, he’s still in the van somewhere. I think he stowed away at my last stop up near the the Tennessee/Kentucky border. Welcome to North Carolina, Mr. Stink Bug.

Update: The stink bug has now been evicted from my car and was last seen flying off over south Asheville. In the course of this, I also learned why they are called stink bugs. Apparently I tossed my coat on him at some point and scared him/pissed him off. As a result, my van now smells like skunk. The coat did too, until I washed it with about a quart of vinegar in the laundry water.  I’m hoping the van smell will dissipate on its own…

2 comments to Stink bug is my copilot

  • Mica

    Where did you guys find the yellow cat? I lost mine that looks just like that one back in July of 2009!! I miss her terribly!

  • chris

    Hi Mica,

    I am sorry you lost your cat, but this definitely is not her – his name is Calvin, and we’ve had him since he was a tiny kitten. He wasn’t born until October of 2009. I hope you find your missing girl some day.

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