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Cue crickets chirping

So long time no blog, eh? I actually had a series of problems with the site that I think I have finally ironed out. A couple of months back, my web host was hacked, and I had to change all the passwords for the site… of which there are several because of all the database connections. This resulted in some confusion when my password manager saved new entries instead of overwriting the old ones, and the next time I tried to post something I had to go through each entry to find the one that would unlock WordPress.

Having finally gotten that more or less straightened out, I immediately broke the site with (ironically) an enhancement that was supposed to speed up page loads on the site. It changed the path for the site, which again boogered up all my database connections. For a few days the site was completely down, and then it was back up but I couldn’t get into the admin side. By the time it was finally fixed I think I had an aversion to going anywhere near the blog for a while.

Anway, it’s fixed, and I am back – though I still haven’t got the app I use to post pics from my iPod back working. Hopefully there will be a little more content here moving forward…