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The Feline Escape Pod is ready for takeoff

Feline Escape Pod

Take one iMac shell, a piece of plywood and 4 wooden doorknobs ; combine with paint, glue, and some weatherstripping, and you have a groovy little cat pod! As you can see it has the Calvin seal of approval already.

This could get ugly. There’s math involved.

One of the projects I have been working on is a shelf to run across the width of the dining room wall, to display our collection of mugs and beer steins. I finally got the last coat of paint on the shelf boards and brackets, and now it’s time to mount the brackets…

So right off the bat, the first problem rears its ugly head: I cut some braces to the exact width of the boards for each side to stabilize the corners, but there’s this ornamental molding in the corners of the walls that comes out to about an inch from the corner on each side, so I can’t get my little braces flush with the wall. I’d have to cut an inch off one end, which is where the hole is on one side, so I’d have to cut a new hole, too. Hmmm… maybe I can skip those? After all, I have 6 mounting brackets, that should still be plenty of support.

The wall is 155″ long. Divide that by 7 and I get 22.15″ (rounded a bit) as an interval for bracket placement, which is a pain in the ass measurement to work with, but really since I won’t be using the braces, the brackets at each end probably need to be closer to the wall anyway. Oh, and there’s a 3′ doorway to work around, the ornamental part of the brackets come down below the top of it so I’ll have to straddle it. Did I mention the doorway is offset to one side and not dead in the middle?

Precise interval placement of the brackets seems pretty much a lost cause. And  I am going to have to cut a 45 degree angle off the shelves at each end where they meet the wall because of that [email protected]#$%& ! molding. If I’m going to have to do that, I might as well cut the stupid braces and use them after all.

I think this calls for beer and foul language. I’ve already got a head start on the latter.